Tips for Putting Together Your Big Green Egg

The first time you put together a Big Green Egg, you’ll notice hos confusing the directions are. I’m one of those guys that gets agitated with directions and want to just toss them away but I stuck to them since I invest over $1,200 in a grill. Here is some help putting together your Big Green Egg; mine was the Large.

The Base

I started with the base. It’s a bunch of metal bars. It helps to work from the top down and build the two cross sections separately. I also recommend laying them down on a flat surface and hand tightening the screws.

The Egg

After I put together the base, I had my girlfriend help me put the Egg in. I removed all of the parts inside so it made it slightly lighter to handle. I gently dropped it in with the vent evenly spaced between the posts. Be careful you don’t cover up or block the vent with one of the posts. I had to push it a little bit into the base and there was still a slight space. I recommend not pushing too hard and just letting it naturally settle in. Pushing it will risk breaking the base or damaging the Egg.

The Hoops

Nobody told me this the first time but if you have a Large Egg, the side tables attach to the inside of the hoops. I put the hoops on the Egg and then when I got everything but the side tables on, I saw that I had to screw them in from behind the hoops. I had to remove the hoops again and put the tables on.

Ok, when you put the hoops on, you want the bottom hoop to be as far down as possible and you want the top hoop to be almost flush with the seal. You can’t have the top hoop all the way up and the bottom hoop all the way down. The hoops are flexible so you can work with them a little bit easier. You tighten down the bottom hoop first. You have to really crank on it until you think it takes about 10 lbs of pressure to turn it. It’s always better to tighten harder than lighter. After the bottom one, go for the top one but make sure it’s flush with the seal all the way around. You don’t want any hoop hanging over.

The Thermometer

You don’t need instructions for this really. Just stick it in there and slide the holder from the other side of the lid. Make sure it’s on there tight.

The Lid

Simply set it on top and open wide.

Are you a visual learner? Check out these videos. They really helped me get this thing put together:

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