The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone Review

I absolutely love the baking stone for our green egg. My husband and I baked a pizza on there the first night, and it was amazing! We did have just a little bit of trouble figuring out how to get the pizza off of it, but it was still one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had. Now we make a pizza about once a week and we never use anything, but the green egg and the baking stone. It’s too good no to do it that way.


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We get our green egg started and let it get nice and warm before we put the baking stone on. After that, we get the egg up to about 600 degrees. Once the pizza is on, it only takes about 7-8 minutes to bake for a nice soft crust. We take the baking stone off with the pizza still on it (we just put in on our over top since it’s still really hot) and we let the pizza cool before we start slicing it. After the pizza is at a nice temperature, it comes right off the baking stone. And there’s no mess to clean up, which is great for me.

We haven’t had our green egg for very long, but we absolutely love the baking stone. We’ve already been trying to think of other stuff to bake on it. So far, we’ve made countless pizzas and baked macaroni and cheese. I think any kind of baked pasta would be awesome on the baking stone. I used aluminum foil for my pasta and just placed it right on the stone and it was yummy.

When we first got the baking stone, I was kind of skeptical. I just wasn’t sure how it would work, but now I know. It’s truly an amazing addition to the green egg and there’s no food you can’t put on the stone. We LOVE The Big Green Egg baking stone!

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