How to Clean Your Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg’s aren’t cheap so you definitely want to make sure you keep it in great shape. Cleaning your Egg is necessary maintenance and should be done consistently.

Never use a cleaning solution to clean the inside of your Egg.

After cooking, while the grill is still warm (less than 200 degrees F), scrape off any residue or build up on the grill. It also is good to wipe the exterior of the Egg clean.

Deep Clean

You should consistently deep clean your Egg. Follow these instructions for proper cleaning / maintenance. It is suggested you thoroughly clean your Egg once per year or if you see a significant build up of ash in the bottom of your Egg.

1. Remove all pieces from the Big Green Egg and wipe thoroughly with a dry rag or paper towel. Don’t use water because it can enter the porous surface of the ceramic grill. Heating a grill with moisture in it can cause it to crack and weaken over time.

2. Place an ash catcher near the bottom vent and carefully shake the ash from the bottom of the Egg. If you have one of the bigger Eggs it helps to have someone help you hold it. If you don’t have a friend to help you, I’d suggest using a shop-vac. (Tip: use all natural lump coal to reduce the amount of ash build up)

3.  Clean off your firebox and grate. You can see significant build up on these two items. Be sure you pay special attention to them when you deep clean.

4. Put it back together. You’ll never have your Egg look like the first day you bought it but, the more you cook in your Egg, the more “seasoned” it is. A broken-in Egg just makes food taste better.

Cleaning Mold

Sometimes people will see a build up of mold in their Egg. If you’re consistently seeing mold, make sure your egg is sealing well and / or you’re not using water in your Egg. Mold can be toxic to your food so never cook in a moldy Egg.

1. Heat your Big Green Egg up to a high temperature (above 450 degrees F).

2. Close up the air-flow system and let it cool down to below 200 degrees F.

3. Scrape the inside of the Egg with brush. Be careful not to scratch the interior by using too abrasive of a brush.

4. Let the fire burn out and the Egg completely cool.

5. Wipe down all of the parts with a dry cloth.

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